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Click the image for an intriguing case study of how an Intelligent Marketing strategy helped generate traffic and increase loyalty for one company.

Intelligent Marketing takes basic data about your customers and uses it to drive personalized and highly relevant marketing messages.

The results? Higher response rates and conversions, qualified leads in real time, enhanced customer loyalty, and, overall, more efficient selling.
At the heart of many successful Intelligent Marketing campaigns is the personalized URL, or PURL.

What is a Personalized URL?

Personalized URL is an individualized web page that your customer is driven to by your direct mail, POS and/or e-mail promotion.

What does a Personalized URL do?

First, it communicates highly relevant messages to your key targets because it features messages that have been personalized and customized for each individual.

Second, it gives you in-depth, real-time analytics about your campaign. That means you can deliver actionable feedback to sales and marketing management for appropriate responses. Current and future campaigns can be easily adjusted or sometimes changed dynamically to reflect newly gathered information, further enhancing the relevancy to your prospect or customer.

How do I start an Intelligent Marketing program?

Contact us now to talk about designing an Intelligent Marketing program that works for you.

Typical Campaign Types

Lead Generation: One of the primary uses of Intelligent Marketing. Leads can be communicated in real time to sales representatives for immediate response.

Nurture / Loyalty: Once you have the address (mail or email) of a customer or a good prospect, you can use a nurture campaign (for prospects) or a loyalty campaign (for customers) to improve both your relationship and your sales.

Event Planning: An event (such as an open house, a seminar, or a dinner presentation) is frequently an element in a lead-generation or customer-loyalty plan. Typically, a direct-mail campaign is used to invite people to the event. With Intelligent Marketing, we drive prospects to their own web page where they sign up and get more information and interaction.